AIFMD Annex IV Reporting from Augentius - AIFMD Reporter

AIFMD Annex IV Reporting from Augentius - AIFMD Reporter

AIFMD Annex IV Reporting from Augentius - AIFMD Reporter

Augentius as the Best AIFMD Depositary

Fund management can be a very complex task: That’s why reliable fund administrators can maximise your company's finances. The financial specialists employed at Augentius ( know all the intricacies of handling customer assets. Augentius works with the convenience of its clients in mind, whilst guaranteeing that the work is completed satisfactorily.

About Augentius

Companies handling matters concerning monetary funds must be able to provide precise, consistent and high-quality solutions to the clients with whom it works. Working with 137 clients globally, Augentius assists them as Real Estate and Private Equity administrators. Augentius has a wide variety of clients spanning 95 countries. Whether it's a case of looking after the simple or complex financial matters, a company must have the experience to back up its actions.

AIFMD and its Relation to Augentius

The Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) is made up of Augentius and KNEIP. Following a four month trial, it was concluded that the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive reporting service stands out as being amongst the top rated computer software that the AIFMD has created. Embracing the most current technologies enables Augentius to be assured that their accountancy data is fresh and valid.

Career Development at Augentius

A chain is merely as resilient as its poorest link: That’s why Augentius endorses employee career growth. The organisation encourages all of their personnel to attend education programmes, with a mind to their moving forwards in their careers. Providing extended encouragement to its workers has allowed Augentius to become the fantastic company it is today.

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